Grace’s Story

Summer Programming Conclusion

Today wraps up our final session of summer programming for the youth that we serve. We are already planning for and looking forward to the next season. Around the corner are monthly leadership retreat weekends, after-school equine therapy sessions and corporate/church group/ school group retreats that we host through our conference center. However, there is something super special about summer programming and we are sad to see this season come to a close.

The focus this summer was on “The Story” – the story of the Lord Jesus Christ and how that impacts each and every one of us. While sharing “His Story” we learned so many stories from the youth that we serve.

Grace’s Story

One such story is Grace’s story. Throughout the week, she grew very close to one of our team leaders at The Ranch and they became friends. She came from a troubled upbringing and did not have a good relationship with a father figure. Sadly, this is the case of many of the students that we serve which it is so imperative that we hire good, strong male leaders for our youth to see in action. One night, at worship, the group was singing “Oh the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God” and the leader broke down watching her sing at the top of her lungs to the precious lyrics of “Reckless Love”. She grabbed his t-shirt sleeve and was trying to wipe away his tears because she was worried he was sad. Then, she said “I want you to be my real dad.” Talk about completely melting the heart of the leader and her new found-friend.

There are other stories like Grace’s…sad stories, stories full of need, stories full of heartbreak, stories full of abuse, stories full of neglect…the mission of The Ranch and the telling of “His Story” this summer allowed us to bring the light of Jesus Christ’s love to so many youth at risk that need the Gospel. We let them know how very loved and cherished they are. We met them where they were at and loved them so much that we didn’t want them to stay there. Thank you for your ongoing support and contributions to Wildwood Hills Ranch that make all of this possible.

Praise God for what He has done at The Ranch this summer! “I will sing to the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.” Psalm 104:33

(*Note: For safety purposes, the name of the child and the image have been changed.*)