Help Nick.

We are continuing to reflect on summer and the stories of God’s faithfulness.

A story that comes to mind is about a young boy named Nick. Nick came to us in a very dark place, had experienced physical abuse and was wearing the wounds of months of that abuse on his body. Nick was experiencing suicidal thoughts and severe depression due to his home life and lack of love, care and stability in his world.

Thankfully, Nick got referred to Wildwood Hills Ranch and we are so grateful for the partnerships we have with certified counselors that can help us draw alongside children like him. The Ranch is such a safe haven to those who need it most. The love, care, safety and hope that youth experience here is truly life transforming for them. Due to your generosity we are able to provide a safe, comfortable place for boys and girls like Nick to sleep, eat, learn, grow and experience overwhelming, unconditional love and support.

Speaking of support, there is a powerful (& free) way you can help support youth like Nick today (& everyday through August 24) with a simple daily click.

We are finalists in the Pella Corp. and Rolscreen Foundation Hope At Work grant award contest. We are in the running for $50,000 which would help us serve 83 youth at-risk like Nick. However, right now we are sitting in fifth place and we need ALL THE VOTES we can get daily between now and August 24 in order to have a shot at winning!

Can you do Nick a favor today? Can you spread the word to everyone you know to daily vote for us?

Take a moment and vote now HERE.

Thank you for your ongoing support—we can’t do this without YOU.

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