Letter from a Parent

We received an email from the foster parent of two children who came to the Ranch last week for our first week of programming. Here’s what she had to say about their experience:

Thank you so much for allowing our two teenagers in foster care to¬†attend Wildwood Hills Ranch. They both were nervous but excited about going. When I picked them up last Friday, they couldn’t wait to tell me how wonderful it was. They chatted non-stop on the drive home and gave details about lodging, food, kayaking, canoes, leaders and life-changing events. One of the boys said he was worried it might be overly religious or faith based, as he said, “that’s just not really me,” then added, “but it was just enough of that stuff and I loved all of it!” The other boy talked about the students from other states and how accepting people were. Both are excited and hopeful they will be invited to attend again! (They will of course be invited back¬†with our unprecedented 10-year commitment to our youth!)

I knew this would have a tremendous impact on the boys and am grateful that all of you helped make this happen for them. They are already giving tips to our four girls who will attend later this summer, including which horse to get and about the leadership skills they will learn. I’m so glad they had this opportunity and hope they can participate again.

Blessings to the Ranch,


Thank you, Lora, for sharing your boys with us this past week!