Story of the Week – Session 2

These past couple weeks here at The Ranch have been incredibly encouraging and refreshing which is such an answered prayer! Thank you to everyone who has been diligently praying for our staff and students! 

One of our team leaders shared a story about one of her ranchers:

This week I had a rancher who was outgoing and passionate but came in with a negative attitude and wanted nothing to do with any activities we had prepared. For most of the week, we were doing everything we could just to get her to participate and get her engaged. She would often complain about rotations being boring and not liking the activities. However, the very last night, as we were putting the girls to bed, she began to cry in her bunk. When we went over and asked her what was wrong, she told us that she didn’t want to leave and that she would miss us. She also began to share the sad reality of her home life and how unhealthy it was. We were able to report what we could, and although it was a sad ending to her week, I learned a valuable lesson about some of our ranchers here at Wildwood. Although she seemed to be having a rough time while she was here, it was a breath of fresh air for her. On the outside, she acted like she didn’t enjoy some of the activities, but on the inside, she was already thinking about how much she would miss this experience. I learned that some of our ranchers have been through things that make it hard for them to express how they truly feel. So, while it may be hard for us to deal with the negative attitudes or lack of engagement, this week truly does provide a joy that goes deeper than the emotions they express while they are here with us. It’s a joy that makes a lasting impact on their life because it comes from Jesus. And I’m just super thankful that we get to play a part in that here at Wildwood. 

We are so grateful for our team leaders that put their heart and soul into caring for our youth.  It’s all about building relationships and we are thankful to have a team of men and women who are investing their time and energy into our student’s lives. 

Thanks for tuning in and keeping up with the happenings at The Ranch!  Stay tuned for next week’s wrap up!

“And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” -Philippians 1:6