Story of Week Five

Making a Difference

Our fifth session of summer programming this week has been one where we have had to rely upon the Lord for strength. He never fails us. We feel so blessed and privileged to serve the youth that we do and even though it is not easy and the road gets rough we are continually amazed at the goodness of God and how He provides. We are in awe at how every day His Story (our theme this summer) is making an impact and changing lives.

One of our summer staffers, Neidy, wrote this poem that was inspired by three of the children she had on her team. It is a message about how God is working.

We feel your prayers and support at The Ranch and we cannot thank you enough for them.

Her Poem

Running doesn’t stop the tears from flowing,

Movement can’t put the phrases into place.

My feelings go unexplained,

My emotions never seem to make sense as they jumble together into



Notions that perhaps your smile could mean safety


Rather than the

Unimaginable reality I go through that makes my legs go

Numb as I


Run from the hurt, from the fear, from the dangers brought on by those who said they cared.


Where does the hurt end?

The unknown is danger,

The new is a new fear,

Movement remains a desperate attempt to stay stable

Because movement is all I’ve ever known.

I’ve never had a stable home so when you ask me to stay still, you’re tearing apart a piece of what looks like the only home I’ve come to know.


Running, jumping, you can’t contain what can’t be caught

The kicking, crying, cursing, climbing

The loud, jumbled, unfinished words are digging deeper into an already infected wound.

A wound swollen with fears and tears that don’t know how to be cared for, they don’t where else to go

My tears only know how to land wherever they’re thrown.

But I always land on my feet, I’ve reminded you several times.

A broken heart can be mended but my broken heart is yet to be caught.

I’ll avoid your eyes, under beds I’ll hide

But only for a time while I wait for you.

Prove your trustworthiness

And show me you won’t go away

Because having to stick up for myself is translated into your eyes as rage

But you don’t know what I go home to

The demons that await me

The loneliness that overtakes me

Walls and barriers are my only safety.


Your kindness is noticed,

But your love is something new

Your patience is a superpower one I’ve tried so hard to undo

I’ve kicked

I’ve screamed

I’ve run but you always show up to catch me.

Jumping into your arms is a new form of safety since my legs have grown tired from all of the chasing.