Story of Week One

The first week of summer programming has been such a rewarding one. With 125 students ages 13-18 on site, The Ranch is bustling with activity. The young leaders we have this week have been going through meaningful rotations and listening to excellent guest speakers.  It has been a joy to watch our over 60  summer staffers pouring out what has been poured in to them the last two weeks of training.


Youth that come to The Ranch are deemed at risk and are in such dire need of God’s love and our support. During check-in, we had a range of emotions – from fear to anxiety, from tears being shed to joy to be back at The Ranch. One girl was uncommunicative and unwilling to get her picture taken until she saw a full-time staff member she has much respect for. He was the only person who made her eyes light up because he had taken the time in previous years to invest in building a relationship and spending time with her. That’s why what we do is so important-it’s all about forming relationships and making an impact in the lives of youth when they need us most.

Making it Personal

One of the most heart warming stories of this first week happened on the very first night of summer programming. Monday night, after worship service, a young girl who has been through unimaginable abuse in her life and has really struggled with suicidal thoughts opened up to a couple of our staff members.

Because of our long-term relationship with her, our team was able to help her unpack the truth of the Gospel in the midst of her pain and suffering. She committed her life to Christ Monday night down by the dock at The Ranch and made a decision to turn over a new leaf in her life.

We are honored to continue to walk beside her and help her heal. Stories like these are made possible by generous donors like you funding The Ranch and we cannot say thank you enough for your faithfulness. We feel God’s presence all around us and we feel the impact of your prayers each and every moment.

Thank you for helping make a difference.