Story of Week Three

Week 3 has been a week full of transformation. We have had the honor of serving 102 youth ages 8-12 from the Quad Cities region this week!! We are very excited to establish a relationship with these 8-12 year old’s…

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Story of Week Two

Week two of summer programming has been a successful one and so many youth at risk were served from specifically Des Moines and Central Iowa region this week. One hundred children, ages 8-12, along with all of our young leaders…

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Story of Week One

The first week of summer programming has been such a rewarding one. With 125 students ages 13-18 on site, The Ranch is bustling with activity. The young leaders we have this week have been going through meaningful rotations and listening…

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Fruit is born in a student

Fruit is born

Earlier this summer we shared a story about seeds planted at the Ranch—seeds of confidence, faith, love, trust and forgiveness. Slowly growing and maturing over the years, and by slowly we mean sometimes it feels like watching paint dry, we…

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words of God's identity

Where do you find your identity?

“Stupid.” “Poor.” “Idiot.” “Liar.” Danisha listens as her peers yell out words in the Gathering Hall. Then she contributes her own: “ugly”. It is Monday night’s assembly and the speaker, Lydia, has asked students to shout out words that they’re…

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Family group of boys

Family is like a tree

A group of 10-year-old boys gathered for small group time after Wednesday’s assembly. Matt, our Executive Director, had just shared how family is like a tree. It got the boys thinking: what are the roots of my family and what…

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