Story of Summer Programming Session 1

Session one of summer programming has been full of inspirational stories and life change.

Students have gotten the incredible opportunity to hear from amazing speakers and musicians. On Monday, Caleb Davis spoke and then Matt Baird from Spoken played for our 118 youth.

Tuesday, Matt Moeckl, Madison Kuhn and Rechab Gray delivered impactful messages. On Wednesday, Mike Hartwig presented. Then, on Thursday, Governor Kim Reynolds came and talked about life decisions and answered live questions from the students! Lastly, on Friday, Michael Hurst came to The Ranch and poured into our youth.

We cannot thank everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to come and serve our youth enough.

Here are some session one life change highlight stories ~

  • An agnostic girl wanted to begin a relationship with Christ.
  • Several returning students showing incredible growth in their life development.
  • Leaders poured into youth and shared with one young man in particular that no matter what he had done in his life that he was loved. He left knowing that God above loves him and that we do too.
  • A young girl said she hated God and by end of this week she ended up leading the prayer for breakfast.
  • A young boy opened up after a guest speaker and asked his leader to pray for his mom and as the leader started talking and praying God told him to pray for the student as well and the child started crying because he was so moved by the leader’s kindness.
  • Several young girls on a team wouldn’t receive their leaders outpouring of love and compliments earlier in the week but by the end of their time together when she shared that she loved them they responded “I know”.
  • A young man who hasn’t been in our programming since 2013 felt compelled to come back this year.
  • A leader encouraged a girl who had homesickness by giving her a gift of a stuffed animal llama and the girl ended up staying for session one.
  • Youth asked insightful questions to Governor Kim Reynold’s and the Governor lovingly poured into our students.

We can’t wait to see what God has in store for session two! Stay tuned and keep praying!