Story of Summer Programming Session 3

Session three of summer programming has been full of impactful stories of life transformation.

Here is the one we chose to highlight this week…

One of our male team leaders was working with a child named Tyler who he had in his group last year. Tyler wasn’t wanting to participate in the activities and kept standing on the side. The leader approached him and Tyler said he wasn’t having much fun. As they continued talking Tyler ended up saying that he trusted the leader and so he was willing to give the activity a try so that he could have fun like he did last year. It was neat to hear how because our leaders have formed relationships with our youth and we can build off of that each and every year. Trust does not often come easily from the youth that we serve and our consistency in their lives is bringing forth fruit!

Also, we had a girl named Emily recognize a mission team member from last year who came running up and gave the member a big hug. Again, this reiterates that children feel safe and trust us more easily here as we get to consistently show them that they are loved and cared for — even through the simple act of getting to help them participate in an activity.

We value your continued prayers as we embark on session four of summer programming next week.